Surf Tour Panama, Panama Surf Vacation, Azucar- Waterways Travel Images

Surf Tour Panama, Panama Surf Vacation, Azucar- Waterways Travel

The operative word in Azucar Surf Retreat is “surf,” but the camp also offers access to all the pleasures of the tropical Caribbean by land and sea: yoga, jungle hikes, snorkel trips, wildlife, nightlife and massage.

The streets of Bocas are lined with shops and stands offering a wonderful variety of local arts and crafts and jewelry. Panama is a great place to shop.

The town of Bocas will make you feel like Ernest Hemingway (or James Bond) as you sip a cool drink under a ceiling fan and ponder smuggling those cigars back to friends in America.

The snorkeling and diving here are spectacular. Azucar Surf Retreat has the equipment and knows the spots Hospital Point, Bird Island and Zapatillas Key. A few dive outfitters in the area offer daytrips to these world-renowned reefs and unique mangrove underwater experiences, as well as instruction for beginning and advanced dive students.

Go for a bike ride and check out the wildlife and come back to town in time for the night life. Then pamper yourself in Spa Bella with a variety of therapeutic and relaxing indulgences.

For those wishing to experience the metropolitan nightlife and shopping of Panama City, or tour the locks of the Panama Canal, pre and/or post nights in Panama City along with a city tour can be easily added to any itinerary.