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The Surf

Just as the Panama Canal is a vital waterway connecting the Pacific with the Caribbean, let WaterWays Travel connect you with the Caribbean side of Panama – the “other Panama” – and the surf that looks more like the South Pacific than Central America.

Just a short flight from Panama City gets you into the Bocas Del Toro region. At around 9° N, this cluster of small islands just off Panama’s Caribbean coast has become a popular eco-haven vacation sight for divers, sun worshippers and a growing number of surfers clued into the “Other Panama”: An area closer in feel to the South Pacific then Central America, with jungle down to white-sand beaches and surf fringing on reefs.

There are three main islands that make up the archipelago, each having numerous breaks.  The main island of Colon is home to the airport and main town of Bocas.  The island of Bastimentos is almost entirely Bastimentos Island National Park, a sanctuary for marine life and birds. This island is all about Jungle Boogie. The Russian version of Survivor filmed a show here, and it all looks like the jungle ride at Disneyland, but it’s the real deal.  Isla Carenero is the smallest of the three with nice small hostals and hotels, but no paved roads.

Christopher Columbus was here as far back as 1502 and later it was a haven for pirates. Check out the perfect, natural harbor on the main island of Colon. Isn’t that where you’d hide if you were a pirate?
Maybe it’s where you should be hiding now.

The islands are a pristine, preserved jungle of thick rainforests, winding mangroves, pristine white-sand beaches, and vibrant coral reefs. This complex ecosystem is home to Leatherback Turtles and West Indian Manatee along with many indigenous plants and animals.  The islands of Bocas are also host to a fantastic mix of surf in a relatively small zone.

Short trips via panga boats allow surfers to experience the many reefbreaks and beachbreaks which surround the islands.

Packages are run from Azucar Surf Retreat, located on the main island of Colon, and Red Frog Bungalows, located on the island of Bastimentos. Azucar Surf Camp places surfers in the perfect location to experience the relaxed atmosphere and Afro-Caribbean/Latin flavor of Bocas’ main island. Red Frog Bungalows bring travelers into the natural beauty and seclusion of Bastimentos National Park. Both properties cater to small groups and are only minutes away from all of the waves in Bocas chain.