Ventana A Las Olas :: THE SURF

“Nicaragua is Central America’s largest, least densely populated country and arguably the safest and most pristine. With hollow beach breaks, rocky A-frames, playful river mouths, and big-wave outer reefs, Nicaragua is a surfer’s Shangri-la.”
- Kyla Langen, Transworld Surf
“The variety of surf crammed into Nicaragua’s southern stretch of coast is absolutely mind-boggling. With near constant offshore winds from sun-up to sundown, it really becomes a matter of what you feel like surfing that day.”
– Daniel Franks, Surfer’s Path

Ventana a las Olas sits at the center of a 15-mile stretch of pristine warm water beaches known as the Popoyo Surf Zone. There are 12+ nearby breaks with hollow A-frame sandbars, river mouths, rocky reef points and even a big slab monster left called Outer Reef.

As we are servicing the needs and desires of just one group per booking we can easily accommodate changes of venue and strategic strike surf missions on a moment’s notice. There is never the concern of where “others” who are not part of your group may want to surf. And with multiple vehicles we can easily split groups between breaks, or have non-surfers out exploring as well while their partners are in the water.

You can check the surf at four of the main breaks from the Ventana a las Olas pool or any room in the house and be in the water in minutes.

Unlike Costa Rica to the south and the other breaks to the north in Nicaragua and El Salvador, the Popoyo Surf Zone receives 300+ days per year of all day offshore winds funneling in from Lake Nicaragua. The combination of tropical conditions, near constant offshore wind and deep-water swells creates great year round surf.

The surf is typically shoulder to head high with the larger swells coming during Nicaragua’s green season from May through October. The dry season, November through April, is typically shoulder high with a few overhead days and stronger winds. Green season or dry season, expect to surf twice a day everyday.

Whether you rip like a pro, long board, body board or stand-up paddleboard, there is a tube waiting for you and a few of your closest friends. Most guests ride their everyday board and bring something larger for bigger waves. Tides and conditions permitting, you can expect to surf a wide variety of waves followed by a dip in the pool, a great meal and a siesta. Surf Nicaragua with Ventana a las Olas and you will never want to leave.