Two Brothers Surf Resort

Two Brothers Surf Resort is located on a large private estate comprised of coastal hills that stretch out toward the Pacific and plunge toward fertile green valleys still used for ranching. According to local villagers, this land was used for years to grow “frijoles” or beans, a constant staple of the Nicaraguan diet. Today, Two Brothers is home to the Gregory family, their chocolate lab, a small stable of gentle horses, several blue-headed parrots, small wild fox, large green iguanas, curious porcupines, chirping geckos, toads the size of footballs, moths the size of birds, and exotic rhinoceros beetles that dwarf your hand. An eco adventure at your doorstep!

Papaya, mangos, limes, watermelon, and plantains grow in abundance around the property.

Enjoy spectacular views from every angle of Two Brothers including sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, endless mountain ranges, tropical forests, native salt flats, ancient volcanoes and the not-so-distant shores of Costa Rica.

Wake up to a blazing sunrise over the Volcano Concepcion and marvel at spectacular technicolor sunsets over the Pacific.

This is where salt, sand, and sea combine, to form the essence of a life filled with surfing adventures!

Two Brothers Surf Resort is owned and operated by Robert and Susan Gregory in the true spirit of “minimal impact tourism,” promoting conservation and sustainability.

This intimate resort is designed for a limited number of guests, lessening the impact on the environment (and keeping the surf line-up minimal!)

Robert and Susan’s goal is to plant, preserve and provide for the wildlife and habitat on their property, while creating beautiful architecture that does not draw away from the natural beauty of the land.

The designs of the villas reflect the organic principles of nature, with much inspiration coming from the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi, whose attentive observation of nature led to surprising and different architecture making interesting use of color, form, and space.

Construction of Two Brother Surf Resort used all local craftsmen and local building materials including hand-formed sun dried clay bricks, painstakingly hand-mixed and poured cement and beautiful hand-crafted Granada floors tiles crafted in the old colonial city that bears its name. All the building materials have been laboriously carried (by men), carted (by ox), or trucked when possible up the mountain that affords such amazing views. The work has been hard and long. The results are magnificent.