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Britz is an Australia/New Zealand “hire car” agency that rents everything from off-road motorcycles to cars to six-person motorhomes. Britz has rental locations throughout New Zealand and any kind of vehicle you can imagine. All of these vehicles are road-hardened and equipped to handle anything the New Zealand roads and offroads can throw at you.

The Rookie is a two-berth Volkswagen Rookie, essentially a mini-van which open to a tent in the back, to extend the living space. Perfect for two people and one child going on a festival or a surfing trip.

The HiTop is a three-berth Toyota Hiace camper van with a double bed, a single bed for a child and all the mod cons, including gas stove, fridge, microwave and solar portable handheld shower. Perfect for a cruisey trip up the coast. Or even down the coast.

The Voyager is a stretched, four-berth Toyota Hiace camper van that will take on four adults, or four surfers, or even four adult surfers.

The Elite is a two-berth Mercedes or Volkswagen camper van that accommodates two people in comfort bordering on luxury.

The Explorer is a four-berth Mercedes, Volkswagen or Iveco camper van suitable for four people, or mom and dad and two kids.

The Escape is a five-berth Mercedes camper van with a rollout awning for staying out of the sun, CD player, DVD, the works. You and your friends can get into heaps of trouble in The Escape.

The Frontier is a six-berth Mercedes camper van with large windows so the first thing you see in the morning will be lines of swell marching into Lennox Head or Bells or Margaret River.

The Bushcamper is a three-berth Toyota Landcruiser custom-equipped for plowing through rain-swollen rivers or racing the tide down an empty beach and making it up to higher ground.

The Safari is a five-berth Toyota Landcruiser 4WD Workmate Wagon specially equipped with stove, fridge, solar shower and enough traction and horsepower to get you out of trouble as fast as you got into it.

The Adventurer is a five-berth Toyota Landcruiser 100 specially equipped with “heaps of bonus extras” including a ground tent and a tent on the roof.