New Zealand Camper Van Rentals, New Zealand Surf Lodge- Waterways Travel Images

New Zealand Camper Van Rentals, New Zealand Surf Lodge- Waterways Travel

If you’re one of those surfers who always throws a fly rod or surf-fishing pole into your board bag: welcome to hog heaven. The trout fishing in New Zealand has a reputation that would make Montana blush, and the saltwater fishing from shore – or game fishing out at sea – are world class. New Zealand prides itself on having some of the world’s best hunting and fishing and it’s one of the few places in the world where you can hunt for game, fish for offshore game fish and catch near-record rainbows and sea run brown trout, all within a few miles of each other.

The same goes for outdoor sports, and New Zealand prides itself on being one of the few places where you can surf, water-ski and snowboard all in the same day, within a few hours of each other.

If you’re a big fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, New Zealand stood in for Middle Earth for that movie and saved the producers heaps of dollars on CG – because New Zealand very often looks like it came from another place and time. There are lots of detours to locations used in the movie, like driving Hakatere Potts Road into the Mount Sunday area, which served as the setting for the Rohan capital of Edoras in ???? And even if you don’t like the movie, this place is spectacularly beautiful, a volcanic river valley lined with grass, then snow-capped mountains. Middle Earth indeed.

And just cruising around New Zealand is a lot of fun. These are nice people, with old school British manners: pub lunch with tea in the afternoon. Rugby and cricket matches in season. The place is just fricking beautiful from top to bottom and seeing a place this unsullied is worth the price of admission alone.