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All Britz and Maui Rental camper vans and 4WD vehicles are fully equipped with comfortable beds and kitchens, so you can sleep on the streets of Auckland or way out on the Mahi Peninsula and be perfectly safe and comfortable, from Raglan up along the west coast to Cape Reinga, and down the other side.

New Zealanders like to think themselves as a species apart from Australians, but like Australia, one of the great cultural quirks of this country is that no matter where you are, in the middle of a huge city, or out in the middle of nowhere, there is always a caravan park nearby. Kiwis have grown up to be thrifty and self-reliant, and they take pride in keeping their facilities public and private all ship shape and Bristol fashion. New Zealand will turn you into a connoisseur of many things and one of them is caravan parks.

And if you get tired of camping and want to splurge a bit, New Zealand has some of the nicest hostels in the world, along with endless bed and breakfasts, hotels, etc.