Salina Cruz, Mexico

Punta Escondida Surf Tours

This could be the last best place in Mexico: Eighty miles of nearly virginal coastline - Salina Cruz is located 83 miles southeast of Huatulco on the northwestern corner of the Gulf of Tehuantepec. Generally regarded as a shipping port, this area has little to no tourism keeping it relatively unknown to the general surfing population.

Over the last 20 years, the whisper of epic right points south of Puerto Escondido has slowly grown louder as feral surfers began to visit a few of the world class waves near Huatulco, most commonly, Barra De La Cruz. Waves like “Barra” gave surfers little reason to venture to other waves around the Huatulco area.

Our surf packages in Salina Cruz are coordinated in conjunction with Punta Escondida Surf Tours and local resident/surfer Gustavo Frey Jr. We’d originally heard about Gustavo through past WaterWays clients who’d met up with him on their trips. Their positive feedback about Gustavo’s level of service and comfortable accommodations, mixed with epic uncrowded waves, clearly made Salina Cruz a favorite WaterWays’ quick trip option.

Packages are not set to specific days or dates allowing each group to arrive and depart on the schedule that works best for them. Each individual group of 4 or more receives their own surf guide and 4x4 vehicle. The guides are local surfers who’ve grown up in Salina Cruz making them experts at knowing which waves are working best based on the swell, tide, and wind conditions. Your guides will be with you from sunup to sundown and will assist you with anything you need. Smaller groups of 1 or 2 surfers may be paired together but will never exceed a total of 4 per guide and vehicle.

Each group will receive a bilingual surf guide, air conditioned accommodations, transportation w/ water and snacks, 3 meals daily, and airport transfers. Beverages other then water are not included.