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The Surf

Mexico’s surf ranges from easy, sand-bottomed points that are perfect for beginners, to triple-overhead points, reefs and beachbreaks that are for experts only. Cardon Adventure Resort is nestled between two classic, sand-bottomed left points. Costa Azul Adventure Resort is steps from a mile of beachbreaks, with classic points an hour’s drive in either direction. And Salina Cruz offers guided tours to one of the last, best places in Mexico – a virgin stretch of coast with point after beachbreak after point. Go to these places and you’ll be shocked that you were so unaware of all that Mexico has to offer. Mainland Mexico was one of the first big adventures for surfers but it’s still down there and a lot of it is as untouched as it was in the 1950s, when surfers were poking around in Woodies and DC 9s.