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Cardon Adventure Resort, Mexico

The Surf

With swell exposure only to the South and South West, Cardon Surf Resort really only experiences south swell with any consistency from April through October. Strong early seasons swells do occur traveling all the way from New Zealand, and it is not unusual for south swell pulses to work up from the lower regions of Mexico in November.

Directly in front of Cardon, Tiburon is a longer, more rounded classic sand bottom point set-up. This wave works well given any southerly swell direction (south through southwest) consistently providing rides in the 150 -200+ yard range. Given the nature of a long point break these waves are well suited to a full range of surf abilities from beginner to advanced. Prevailing weather conditions see glassy mornings or possible offshore winds with onshore west/southwest winds picking up late morning to early afternoon. Although the surf is most always best in the morning there is plenty of opportunity to get some fun afternoon surf at Tiburon which is slightly protected from a southerly wind. The water is very warm, so why not get as much water time as possible?

Milagro, to the south, is a fast racy wave more described as a long sandbar deposited on the north side of sharp ā€œLā€ shaped point. This wave is a little more subject to particular swell and conditions then Tiburon for those epic days, but on its day Milagro is an amazing wave for those looking for hollow surf.

Milagro and Tiburon are two classic waves, perfect for everything from 5ā€™ 5ā€ Fish to longboard to high performance shortboards. Because this area is mostly ignored, the crowds at either of these points are usually limited to guests staying at the resort along with a small handful of local and traveling surfers.. Cardon Adventure Resort has a 16 surfer maximum, which almost guarantees uncrowded surf.