Cardon Surf Lodge, Cardon Adventure Resort Images

Cardon Adventure Resort, Mexico


The resort itself is an island of green grass, shade and comfort in a hot desert land. The resort is comprised of eight large air conditioned rooms - each with private bathrooms. Each room is well furnished with a view of the entire point of Tiburon. The main restaurant/bar is situated in the center of the resort, in between the accommodations and features an air conditioned dining area. There is also dining tables poolside for you to enjoy you meals viewing the ocean.

Meals are served in large surfer size portions and prepared with a cross of American, Mexican and European flare. There is also a large infinity pool with a hot-tub that faces the ocean, overlooking Tiburon point. From the poolside, you can relax with a frosty beverage and monitor what the prevailing swell and wind conditions are producing at Tiburon, what activities may be taking place on the beach, or just relax and watch the sunset.