Samudra Biru Yacht Charter :: OVERVIEW

Built in 2000, Samudra Biru is a 70’ “surf cat” that was recently retrofitted and re-designed specifically for Indonesian surf charters. Samudra Biru means “blue ocean” which is a perfectly poetic name for one of the finest and fastest catamarans in the Mentawai fleet.  Catamarans are famously fast across the water but also stable at anchor, and at 70’ long by 22’ wide and powered by twin 420 HP Cummins diesel engines, the Samudra Biru flies out of Padang and through the Mentawai at a top speed of 15 knots, a day cruising speed of 10 – 12 knots and a night cruising speed of 8 – 10 knots.

The Samudra Biru is consistently in the right place and the right time for optimum surf conditions. The "Biru" has a range of 1000nm and does not require refueling in the course of a trip even with significant motoring throughout the Mentawai chain. And because she draws only three feet, Samudra Biru skims over the shallows and puts guests close to those perfect reefbreaks they have been daydreaming about all year.

Surfers can rock and roll all day in the surf, but when they get back to the boat for meals, rest and sleep, the twin hulls minimize rocking and rolling in from Indian Ocean swells. She is a modern, clean, comfortable, air conditioned surf cat which gets surfers to the best spots fast and safe, then takes guests out of the elements and lets them recharge their energy in spacious, air-conditioned comfort and class.