Quest 1 Yacht Charter :: THE BOAT

Built in 1991 and made of GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) by the renowned Cheoy Lee shipyard in Hong Kong, Quest 1 is 69 feet long, with an 18 foot beam and it draws just under seven feet as it motors at 10 knots through the deeps of the Mentawai.

The stern of Quest 1 is custom-made for storing dozens of surfboards, hanging trunks and rash guards to dry, and launching PWC and the 40 HP, 14’fast-tender. For surfers who are sometimes too shagged and surfed-out to get back on board under their own steam, the stern is clean and well – lighted for easier access back on the boat.

Quest 1 accommodates eight guests in four twin, air-conditioned cabins all equipped with TV/DVD. The boat is equipped with AST satellite communications, Byru Satellite phones and internet connections. It will cost a little to upload some gloating photos and/or video to the people back home who didn’t come on the trip – but it will be worth it.