Quest 1 Yacht Charter :: OVERVIEW

The Surf Exploration Yacht Formerly Known as the Indies Trader 2 was purchased by Rip Curl and rechristened Quest 1 in 2011. This is a veteran surf charter boat with its message written large across the stern: "Live the Search." The boat was used for the Rip Curl Tip 2 Tip expedition in 2010 and was featured in the DVD Float: One boat, six months, 13,000 islands, 25,000 Bintangs.

Quest 1 has been repainted and retasked by Rip Curl, and is now primed and ready to take as many as eight guests through the Mentawai and into northern Sumatra, for surf trips as long as 14 days.

Quest 1 is 69 feet long, with an 18 foot beam and accommodates eight guests in four twin, air conditioned cabins. The boat is equipped with AST satellite communications, Byru Satellite phones and internet connections. It will cost a little to upload some gloating photos and/or video to the people back home that didn’t come on the trip – but it will be worth it.

The six-man crew is led by skipper Raynul Mihiko who has a resume as long as the Mentawai, with a dozen years diving, fishing and surfing experience exploring all the islands off Sumatra and points north and south aboard Huey 1, Mangalui Ndulu and Indies Explorer. The skipper is aided and abetted by a crew of five, which includes an Aussie bloke named Justin Masters, who is a master at whipping up good food in the galley – with local fresh fish a specialty.

The Search is on, and the guests on the Quest 1 are living it.