Nusa Dewata OVERVIEW

Nusa Dewata means “Island of the Gods” in Bahasa Indonesian, which is appropriate because this 68’ (stern to bowsprit), Indo-built, wooden sailing sloop is made for exploring islands that were designed by Gods who love surfers. There is no other way to explain the Mentawai Islands. This is the perfect setup. They lack nothing.

Nor does the Nusa Dewata, which was built in 1992 and fully rebuilt in 2009 as an Indonesian charter vessel. Powered by the wind, and a 120 HP main engine, the Nusa Dewata cruises along at 6-8 knots. This is one of the prettiest Indonesian-built boats in the Mentawai fleet, comfortably accommodating groups of six maximum: perfect for small groups, families, father/son charters, longboarders and all-girl trips.

The Nusa Dewata is all about VALUE!  She has everything you want and more then you need.  There may not be staterooms, but the A/C dorms are large and comfortable!  She may not be fast, but fast and efficient enough to get you to all the best and out of the way breaks!  The kitchen may not be large and stainless steel, but the food is great and there’s plenty of it!  And she may not have large lounge chairs, but the thick pads on the upper top deck sure are comfortable and provide great views of the surf.  The Nusa Dewata is the best “bang for your buck” in the Mentawai.

Nusa Dewata is owned and operated by Simon Dale, an Australian who worked as a cray fisherman in West Australia, an oilfield diver around Southeast Asia and a yacht deliverer around the world before he bought the Nusa Dewata in 2006. Captain Dale has been surfing Indonesia since the 1970s and the Mentawai since 1996.

Surfers don’t invest all that time, money and energy to go halfway around the world just to get stuffed. Simon Dale will be stuffed if he is going to let that happen to his guests. He prides himself in putting his guests into quality, uncrowded surf in the less glamorized but still firing corners of the Mentawai.