Mutiara Laut Mentawai Yacht Charter :: OVERVIEW

Over the past 25 years the remote islands of West Sumatra have revealed themselves as the ultimate surf destination on our planet. Perfectly shaped, uncrowded dream waves with unmatched symmetry and consistency reel over pristine reefs, through gin clear water, under equatorial skies consistency. Here, a surfer dreams by day, wide awake, riding the stuff of fantasy.

And now, a whole new way to experience this dream has come alive. Now exists the opportunity to explore this exotic island chain in supreme style on the recently launched Mutiara Laut, the “Pearl of the Sea”. This elegantly appointed 156 foot cruising schooner has been customized for discriminating surf-adventurers who are looking for more than just another ‘Indo charter.’ Combining the romance of a 19th century sailing voyage with the latest technology of modern surf exploration, this exclusive, luxury-appointed expedition vessel offers the very best in comfort, coolness and service for anyone who wants to experience the magic of wild Indonesian surfing.

While most of the Indonesian surfing photos you see in the magazines are taken at a handful of regularly visited spots, the remaining of her vast island chain’s spectacular, untouched coastlines and interiors are wide open for adventure to satisfy any imagination.

Mutiara Laut expeditions aren’t just for the surf obsessed; the combination of unmatched luxury and service, fully equipped scuba diving capabilities, onboard massage and yoga, scheduled self-improvement workshops, spacious comfort, top surf guides, celebrity guests and of course, sensational waves make the Mutiara Laut an unmatched surfing experience and a meaningful adventure to share with friends and family.