Surfing Mentawai, Mentawai Surf Charter- Waterways Travel Images

Surfing Mentawai, Mentawai Surf Charter- Waterways Travel

More waves than you can imagine. If you are even vaguely aware of the Mentawai, you are aware that outside of the named, famous spots like Lance’s Left, HT’s, Rifles, Kanduis, Macaronis and Thunders, there are dozens of lesser-known waves that will make you think you have died and gone to heaven.

There are actually island groups north of the Mentawai including the Telo Islands, Hinako Islands, Nias, Banyaks and North Sumatra that may be accessed by yacht charter or land based operation.  Most of the yachts charge a “fuel surcharge” to access these regions, but they are definitely in striking range of most charters.

The Mentawai  (and greater area) are renowned as home to some of the most perfect, challenging waves in the world, but what the outside world doesn’t see is the range of surf here. There are gentle spots and reefbreaks that are beginner and longboard friendly, and dozens of spots not as famous as their big name neighbors, but much closer to perfect then most waves surfers will ever see at home.

What the Mentawai are known for is clean, perfect, organized surf.  This surf can be heavy and shallow, or friendly and playful; but it is that organization and perfection that haunts the collective unconscious of the surfing world.  When faced with a perfect wave the average surfer is somehow transformed into a superstar.

There is just a ton of good surf here. You can hear your friends (endlessly!) rave about it, or watch a zillion surf videos, but you really have to experience it for yourself: Take a chance on avoiding the big name A Spot and going hours out of your way to Spot B: rounding a corner with fingers crossed to find the wind just right, and fantasy waves firing down the reef with not another surfer in sight.

That’s the Mentawai Magic.