Macaronis Surf Resort THE SURF

Macaronis, more commonly referred to as 'Macas', is a perfectly shaped mechanical left-hand barrel that has been described by many as the most high performance wave in existence. On good days, 4 - 6 second barrels are SOP from the take off zone, while the inside ramp is akin to watery half-pipe: tail-slides, floaters, airs, you name it, the opportunities are endless.

In December of 2003, Australian Waves Magazine polled a cross-section of 50 professional surfers and surf industry figureheads to rank the world’s best waves in terms of pure enjoyment. Macaroni’s was numero uno, and 76% of them declared Macaroni’s “the funnest wave” they had ever surfed. By fun, that means a wave that is generally between 2 – 8 feet, with a long barrel directly after the takeoff, followed by a wall that lets intermediate to pro surfers express themselves with all the speed and wall they could ever want.

Where many Indo/Mentawai waves are renowned for being swell and/or tide and/or wind sensitive, Macaronis is a remarkably level-headed wave that is consistently surfable on either large or small swells, on all tides and most wind conditions. Macaroni’s is also considered one of the best waves in the world to surf in onshore winds.

Macas has been extensively featured in the media since the early 90's, as surf magazines and videos have devoted it a huge amount of coverage, owing to its popularity among pro-surfers and surf photographers. In 2000 and 2001 the OP Pro final was held in the Mentawai Islands at Macas. Mark Occhilupo won on both occasions.

Macaroni’s is accessed by a five-minute speedboat ride from Macaroni’s Resort, while Maca’s Right is even closer. Continuing the food theme, the outside section of Maca’s Right is called KFC by some, while the inside ledge is called Pizza Huts. On a good day with north winds and medium to large swell, Macas Right can provide fun long walls and the occasional barrel section, but is often ignored due to the allure of Macaronis Left.

Guests at Macaroni’s Resort have the option to charter one of the resort speedboats and motor 30 minutes north to Bat Cave, a long, mellow righthander that breaks on the outside of a deserted tropical island that is also great for clear-water swimming, snorkeling or cliff jumping.

Only 20 minutes away by speedboat, Greenbush is a recent discovery, a very hollow left hander that demands a bit of wave judgment. For those who have every surf video memorized, this is where Dane Reynolds got his epic barrel in Young Guns 2.

Silabu Left is only 10 minutes north of the resort, a wave the camp crew sometimes go to when Macaroni’s is warbly under a south wind. Surfers who have dedicated a lot of time and money to surf perfection alone will often find it at Silabu Left.

South of Macaroni’s Resort, guests hire the speedboat to check out Rags Left, a long barreling wave that turns on during large southwest swells and has been surfed up to 15 feet. Rags Right has been described as “a formidable opponent to your health, safety, and well-being.” Low tide is out of the question, but on a high tide and the proper swell, this is one of the thickest, hollowest tubes in the Mentawai.

A little farther south than Rags, Thunders is one of the most consistent breaks in the Mentawai and is surfable on all tides. Higher tides usually offer racy tube sections over a shallow inside reef shelf breaking close to the island, whilst lower tides offer a forceful shoulder further out the back. In smaller south swells the top section of the reef can turn on offering long hollow barrels. Generally Thunders is an excellent option on smaller swells