Macaronis Surf Resort OVERVIEW

Macaronis was named because feral surfers living in the jungle often lived on boiled noodles and pasta for days, weeks and months on end. A visitor off a boat one day came ashore in the early 90’s and met one of the surf ferals and asked what was the name of this amazing wave; the guy munching away on a bowl of Macaroni, quite aptly named the break ‘Macaronis’.

However, it would later be known that prior to this in 1986, the first three young Aussies to surf here had already named the break ‘P-land’, as the bay that Macaronis sits in is called ‘Teluk Pasangan’, or ‘Pasangan Bay’. However this never stuck, as these three guys somehow managed to keep the break a secret, with one of them later burning all photographic evidence. But rumors were out, of a remarkable left hand wave that you could surf all day long just with a couple of mates, until you could literally stand up no longer.

Whatever the case, the name ‘Macaronis’ has stuck, and this world-famous left hand reef, star of countless surf videos, voted “World’s Funnest Wave” by the readers of Australian surf magazine WAVES, is the main attraction of Macaronis Resort, but not the only attraction. Guests at Macaroni’s Resort have access to more than a half dozen other waves; Macaronis and Macas Right are a five-minute speedboat ride from the resort, Silabu Left is 10 minutes away, Bowls Right is 15 minutes away and Greenbush and Bat Cave are a 40 minute speedboat ride away.

Macaroni’s Resort was built in 2004 - 2005, in the location of a more primitive “feral” surf camp where the first surfers to surf Macaronis were hosted by local villagers. The wave is also commonly known as Macas and it was one of the first waves to be surfed in the Mentawai Islands going back to the mid 1980’s. Silabu village is not easy to get to and for many years the villagers extended their traditional hospitality to these funny groups of outsiders who came from way beyond the horizon to ride those funny-looking waves on the reef that the local fishermen had learned to avoid.

In 2001, Australian Mark Loughran teamed up with some partners to buy land and build a thoroughly modern surf resort that was the other end of the spectrum from the feral camp made only from palm fronds and mangrove sticks, most in those days would instead sleep in a tent.

In the last five years, Macaronis Resort has played host to hundreds of surfers from around the world, and the resort has contributed to the health and welfare of Silabu Village by employing locals to work at the resort, by purchasing local produce and by contributing a set amount per guest per day to assist with local projects. For example in year 2006 Macaronis Resort undertook to supply electricity to every house in the village with two light bulbs and one power point in every house, most of which was damaged in an earthquake that struck the area in 2007.

Guests traveling to Macaroni Resort will arrive into Padang on the island of Sumatra. Macaroni’s Resort staff meets guests to assist with the one-hour transfer to Bungus Harbor, where they take the modern, reliable Ambu Ambu ferry overnight to the port town of Sikakap. From there, the guests take the two hour speed boat voyage through the Sikakap Strait separating North and South Pagai Islands, and on to Macaroni’s Resort on the southwest corner of North Pagai Island.

Guests at Macaroni’s Resort are styling in sixteen rooms surrounding the second floor of the main building. Each room can accommodate two guests with a split Air Conditioning system. They have their own bathroom with a hot shower, flat screen television, DVD player, and also have a veranda just outside the rooms, with spectacular views and breezes. This is a perfect place to relax and recuperate after a long day of surf.

The epic waves of the South Mentawai and the traditional Indonesian hospitality framed in the very best of modern resort style is what you will get when staying at Macaroni’s Resort.

The best of both worlds at one of the ends of the earth.