Kuda Laut - THE SURF

Kuda Laut cruises at eight knots. As the albatross flies it’s about 550 miles from the northernmost spot in the Sumatran islands to the southernmost, and that puts Kuda Laut in range of everything:  Lagundri Bay in Nias, the Hinakos, the Bay of Plenty in the Banyaks, to the Telos long rights, also the famous waves in the Mentawai, such as Rifles, No Kandui, Ebay, etc in the Playground, to Telescopes, Bintang, Lances Right, Lances Left, Maccas, Rags, Thunders, Green Bush, McFrights and much, much more!!!


The Banyak Islands are a group of 99 mostly uninhabited islands located west of Sumatra, north of Simeulue and south of Nias.

Treasure Island is the crown jewel of the Banyaks, a very long right-hander provides a smooth take off ramp leading into a long wall and hollow inside section. Be careful of “The Claw” at the end that can pinch and not let you out.

Two Palms around the corner is a super fun skate ramp style left hander breaking into a beautiful white sand beach.

Another short boat ride away Bay Of Plenty has two lefts and a right breaking off the top of a narrow but deep bay.  The waves on the outside of the bay (especially the left) can be world class with a tube followed by a long wall.  The protected left inside the bay is super fun and non-threatening for those who may want a break from the more intense surf in the area.



Hidden away in the Hinako Islands, Asu is a perfect left that is brother/sister to the perfect right at Bawa: a right reef that breaks way out to sea, with nothing between the reef and the Southern Ocean. A Sunset-like wave over eight feet.


On the island of Nias, Lagundri Bay is the perfect, barreling right-hander the world knew as “Nias” in the 80s. This is the wave that inspired more exploration into these islands, but it’s still a crazy-perfect wave after all these years, ruler edge and wrapping into the bay. In the neighborhood of Lagundri Bay, Rockstars is just another barreling, world-class right.


There are a number of spots around the island, including the long, bowling Max’s Left, the fun, bowling Max’s Right, a hollow right at GT’s, the longboard-perfect right at Pinnacles as well as Schoolyards, Le Ba, the Bubble and the E.R.


The Main Zone and more waves per square mile than any other place on earth.

Kandui Left: AKA Kanduis or Nokanduis = a startlingly fast, hollow perfect wave, known as the best left in the world, by any person and any top pro surfers who have surfed it on a good day.

Baby Kandui: When Kandui Left is giant and only mad dogs and Englishmen are game to charge it at 12-foot plus, other mortals take the five-minute paddle down the beach to Baby Kandui.

Malibu Right: A short but sometimes fun, easy right breaking on a small, one-palm tree sand island.

Playgrounds Left and Right: AKA Karambat Left, Bikinis or G-strings. Around the northern tip of the island and on the northeast side, this wave is predominantly a long easy left, but also has a right hander off of it when it gets a bit bigger.

4 Bobs: A fun, hot-dog right-hander that is many steps down in intensity from Kandui/Kanduis/Nokandui, but is still better than 99% of the waves wherever you came from.

A Frames: A popular, consistent left breaking off a small island on the east side of the main island. A Frames can be high performance heaven for goofyfoots, but will also throw up a barrel to remind surfers why they came all that way.

Kandui Right/Rifles: Just ask 10-time world champion Kelly Slater or anyone else who has charged it and you’ll understand it lives up to the hype. One of the fastest rights in the world, Rifles can be up to 800 yards long of freight-training tubes.

Hideaways: Far off and fickle, Hideaways is a left reef that everyone knows about and keeps a weather eye on, for that proper combination of swell angle and wind. When it breaks, it approaches the Teahupoo and Pipeline class for challenge and gnarliness.

Nipussi: A right reef and performance wave that actually lets you out of the barrel from time to time.

Bank Vaults: The second best right hander in the Mentawai after Rifles, often compared to a cross between Backdoor Pipeline and Sunset Beach.

Pit Stops: A right reef and a favorite wave for surfers who want to work on their aerials, tailslides and other tricks. In other words: A hotdog wave that will still barrel, although a lot of surfers prefer to float over the barrel than ride in them on this wave.

E-Bay: A fickle left reef that fires when the swell is out of the west. E-Bay starts to grind when it’s overhead and goes to double overhead plus and is a fairly typical, perfect, hollow grinding Mentawai left barrel.

Beng Beng: Better on lower tides, Beng Beng is one of the easier nearby waves when the easy waves in the Kandui/Playgrounds area are not working.


Even farther to the northwest, the island of Karangniki is close to Siberut and is home to Burgerworld: As the name implies, Burger World is not the fastest or most powerful wave in the Playgrounds inventory, but it’s one of the more consistent waves in the area, and a place surfers flock to on those rare occasions when there is no swell. When it is in the shoulder-high-to-a-couple-feet-over-head range, Burgerworld is a long rippable right hand point break with some tube sections, and has been compared to a section of small J-Bay by some of the top touring pros.


The most famous/popular surf spots on Sipora are on the southern tip of the island: Lance's Left and Lance's Right/Hollow Trees/HTs are generally regarded within the Top 10 surf spots in the world. But Sipora is studded with surf spots from north to south:

Benchong: A fast right on Devil's Island, off the northern tip of Sipora.

Iceland: An intimidating left that always seems to be bigger than everywhere else.

Arik's Right: Needs a huge swell and/or north winds or glassy conditions.

Suicides: A left that lives up to its name.

Telescopes: A long, beautiful lefthand reef pass that is out to sea and exposed to the wind. A spectacular wave.

Scarecrows: Just another world-class lefthander that will satisfy your wildest dreams – and occasionally match your worst nightmares.

7 Palm Point: A fun, relatively easy left that occasionally offers a challenge.

These are just some of the named spots along the west face of Sipora, and the small islands offshore.

The southern end of Sipora is home to two of the best waves in the Mentawai, and the world:

Lance's Left: Quality fun long left, very consistent, best with southeast wind.  Can be a series of lefts if you want to push further up the reef.

Lance's Right/Hollow Trees/HT's: One of the best right hand barrels in the Mentawai with a couple take off zones.  Best with no wind or Northwest wind.  Be careful of the “Surgeons Table” and inside area of shallow sharp reef.


This island south of Sipora is home to the world famous perfect left: Macaroni's, also known as Macca's.

But Macca's is just one spot in about the middle of the west coast of North Pagai, and there are at least a dozen other spots that aren't as famous, but can still blow your mind. From north to south they are: Crusoe's Right, Silabu Left, Macaroni's Right, Green Bushes, Melakopa Left, Rag's Left, Rag's Right, Thunders, Turuns, Kimbies Left, Disco's/Satan's Left, The Hole, Lighthouse and Lighthouse Left.