Kuda Laut - OVERVIEW

Kuda Laut means “sea horse” in Bahasa Indonesia, and that is also a good name for one of the original Mentawai surf exploration yachts. The Kuda Laut is a 58-foot wooden motorsailer built from Sumatran iron wood, that has been surf tripping around the Mentawai, Telos, Nias and Banyak islands for 18 years, going back to 1994.

Skippered by new owners Tim Everingam, Bryan Jacobs and Luke McGay, who have 16 years of combined experience touring the Sumatran islands for surf. They are taking turns running Kuda Laut to wherever the tides, wind and swell are lining up best.

And let’s not forget the second-most important person on any surf cruise: Anto the chef is a fair hand with a skillet, blender and sashimi knife serving up copious amounts of both Asian and Western dishes.

Kuda Laut is comfortable, safe, and classy and considered one of the best values in the Mentawai fleet. A typical adventure will take 6-7 surfers out for 10 days and 11 nights for an experience of a lifetime.