Kingfisher Bay Resort :: THE SURF

From Kingfisher Bay Resort, many dreamy mentawai waves are accessible:

  • Lance's Left

    At your doorstep is one of the pillars of the Mentawai experience. One of the most consistent waves in the archipelago, up to six feet Lance’s has a number of takeoff zones, a relatively easy takeoff, and is one of the best performance waves on the planet – the kingfishers will watch all the aerial shenanigans with appreciation. From six feet on up, Lance’s Left moves out to deep water, the takeoffs get deep and the walls are wide open to whatever your imagination allows.

  • Cobras

    Just down the reef from Lance’s Left and sometimes connecting under the proper conditions, Cobra’s is a venomous lefthand barrel that coils over a short, hollow reef. The takeoff is steep, the barrels are round and this place is known for throwing up the odd wide set that will sweep the unsuspecting across the reef.

  • Bintangs

    Five minutes by boat from the resort, and across the bay from Lance’s Left, Bintangs is stubbies up to four feet, and kegs beyond that. A fun hotdog wave perfect for polishing your tail-sliding and aerial tricks when it’s small, when the swell is up, Bintangs is shack after shack.

  • HT's / Hollow Trees / Lance's Right

    Only 15 minutes by boat from the resort, Lance’s Right is one of the 10 best waves in the Mentawai – a sometimes astonishingly perfect wave breaking on a shallow reef. Surfers live for the hollow “Office” section of the wave, and move carefully over the end section, called the “Surgeon’s Table.” With the right swell direction and offshore winds, this wave is a super freak.

  • Ssssshhhhh 1 and Ssssshhhhh 2

    Two undercover, overlooked righthanders breaking within close range of Kingfisher Bay Resort. Enough said about that.

  • The Beachbreak

    A five-minute bike ride from Kingfisher Bay Resort, the beachbreak offers shifting peaks and hotdog waves over soft sand and turquoise water. A good place to relax and also to bring beginner surfers.