Kandui Villas® :: ACCOMODATIONS

Kandui Villas® is a compound of nine luxury umas – what the Fijians call “bure” - and one triple uma - which is three regular-sized luxury umas connected together, for a total of 12. Each uma is quite large at 7.5 meter wide x 10.5 meters long. Each uma has two king-sized beds downstairs, and one king sized - or two single sized beds - in a spacious, second-story loft. The umas are hand carved throughout with a different Mentawai animal, or jungle theme, and all the furniture is made of local hardwoods. Each uma comes with two air-conditioning units, so guests can adjust their personal comfort level.

The back one-third of each uma is built on a massive cistern which holds close to 10,000 gallons of water. The bathroom and shower facilities are stylishly appointed, clean and comfortable, with stone floors laid by craftsmen from Bali.

Each of the 12 umas are configured with three king-sized beds, or two king-sized, and two double beds, making them very versatile with room for 1-4 people - perfect for singles, couples, groups of friends, or families.


The restaurant is 14 x 12 meters and two stories, located directly next to the swimming pool and connected by a wooden deck which wraps around the pool and leads to a game room, bar, and palapa.

Good food is vital to surfers burning calories in perfect waves under the tropical sun. The Kandui Villas® menu features local seafood caught by villagers and guests, but also a variety of Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, American, and Indonesian cuisine. Barbecues are also popular at Kandui Villas®, and all that protein is served alongside organically-grown vegetables from a massive green house on the property.


Located just to the rear and side of the restaurant, the organic Green House produces all of the delicious organic salads served in the restaurant, as well as supplies many of the kitchen's vegetable needs. The Green House lets Kandui Villas® serve salads as fresh as the fish.


The bar and palapa are located right off the swimming pool deck, next to the Game Room. The massive indoor-outdoor bar serves up cold beers, spirits and mixed drinks, as well as wine, and champagne. The outdoor palapa, under the same roof as the bar, is where guests can lounge on sofas while relaxing in the shade, right on the edge of the pool deck. The palapa is a place for rest and restoration, drinking favorite beverages, hanging out with friends and significant others, or for mingling with other guests and making new friends and significant others.


The game room is located right off of the swimming pool deck, next to the bar, and has both a billiard table and a ping pong table.


Kandui Villas® is the only resort in the Mentawai Islands to offer a swimming pool. And not just any swimming pool, Kandui Villas® hired the best pool builders in southeast Asia to design and build a masterpiece: 25 meters long x 18 meters wide, with wrap-around benches along the entire interior of the pool. The infinity edge overflows into a large kiddie pool with a large stone deck encircling it. The swimming pool utilizes a state of the art salt water chlorinator unit, which, through a process of electrolysis, reacts with the slight salinity in the pool water to form chlorine. The form of chlorine it produces is very mild, and does not affect skin or eyes as an irritant. This mild chlorine, coupled with a salinity level similar to that of human tears, makes the water completely neutral feeling for eyes and skin, but is still very refreshing. The main pool is surrounded by a massive out door wooden deck, which connects to the restaurant, game room, bar and palapa.


For 13 years, Lori Heuer worked as one of the lead masseurs at one of the top five spas in the world - Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs - kneading away the cares of the rich and the famous. She will import those skills all the way to this remote corner of the world, and train the Kandui Villas® staff to give first class care to surfers who have been working themselves over on the reefs all day long, and to non-surfing guests who want some TLC. You can choose from a full range of products and treatments.


Nanny service is available by special request, and when available. With enough notice, Kandui Villas® can arrange quality nannies, allowing guests to enjoy quality time with spouse or significant others.


Kandui and Baby Kandui are directly in front of the Kandui Villas® and there are two dozen other spots within 30 minutes by fast boat, in all directions. For getting to the surf, Kandui Villas® has a solid inventory of boats for accessing the inventory of waves: two, five-meter heavy duty plastic dinghies, one 5.2 meter Kahajaya center-consul speed boat and four, 45-50 foot longboats for accessing the spots outside of Playgrounds: Hideaways, Nipussi, Burgerworld, E-Bay.

Kandui Villas® launches their fleet of surf boats from four cement docks. Three of the docks are built in a mangrove lagoon located behind each section of the resort making for easy transitions to and from the resort. The fourth dock is a jetty located on the front beach side of the resort, in a keyhole channel between Kandui Left and Baby Kandui.

The long boats are 45-50 feet long, and five to six feet wide. Because of the long boats’ sleek design, they cut through the chop better than any boats around, giving a smooth, comfortable and stable ride even through rough seas. Their construction is also very strong, using an entire tree the length of the boat for the body. The long boats all use three x 40 HP outboards, and go 20+ knots. They have canopies, comfortable padded seats, and all the safety gear, including life jackets, flares, GPS, EPIRB, and satellite phone contained in a Pelican case. Each boat brings a drinking water dispenser, and cooler with snacks, and drinks.

In a word: styling. In another word: safety. In a third word: speed.