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Huey Mentawai Yacht Charter

Huey is to the Australians what Neptune was to the Romans, Poseidon was to the Greeks and Kanaloa was to the ancient Hawaiians. When Australians look skyward and chant: “Send us up another one, Huey!” They are evoking their God of the surf.

So Huey is a pretty good name for a big, solid, fast, wicked-looking, high tech surf explorer that spends most of the year poking around in the earthly paradise of the Mentawai, looking for barrels.

Huey is a former customs patrol vessel converted for surf exploration: 82-feet of steel, comfort and high tech gizmos. Huey looks like the business, and it is: powered by twin 605 HP, V12, intercooled twin turbos capable of a top speed of 15 knots and a cruising speed of 10-12 knots. Huey is guided by Garmin 216 GPS integrated with C-Maps, 64 mile JRC Radar, Furuno Navnet Plotter/Sounder/Radar.

You could attack a small nation with this boat, but Huey is about making barrels, not war.

Huey is guided by the many hands of experience: Australian Steve Sewell is the owner and he works with Amril, a Padang native with 20 years of experience behind that wide smile. Khairul the Chef you will want to steal away at the end of the trip, and Erry and Panji are the deckhands and tender tenders, who will get you to the zone faster than you can say “Ombak bagus” (good waves)

Huey is fully air conditioned inside with plenty of shaded exterior deck space for lounging and board storage.