Mentawais Charter Yacht, Yacht Charter Mentawai, Freedom III- Waterways Travel Images

Mentawais Charter Yacht, Yacht Charter Mentawai, Freedom III- Waterways Travel

The Freedom fleet makes a good argument for surf exploring the Mentawai, Hinakos, Telos and Banyak islands off north Sumatra by yacht: “Why not have your living room, your restaurant, your gear, and your bed a short 30 second dinghy ride away, all day, every day? Best of all, when conditions or your desires change, you just pull up the anchor and move the whole show to a new spot.”

Freedom is the operative word in Freedom Surf Adventures. Their yachts leave port from Padang, Sumatra, with a flexible itinerary determined by the variables of wind, swell direction, tide, time of year and the tastes of the guests on board.

heir customizable trips give you the freedom to surf the kinds of waves YOU want; from all the world class breaks of the Mentawai to the multitudes of perfect waves pumping daily at more rarely surfed spots in the island chains to the north.

All three of the Freedom yachts are “ultra-modern, luxuriously appointed, and religiously maintained catamaran yachts.” Catamarans have advantages of speed, stability and space that make the Freedom yachts among the most comfortable in the fleet of Indonesian surf explorers.  The food and service is paramount on each vessel from Captain to chef and crew.
Each Freedom charter boat Captain has years of experience getting surfers into the best waves over the full chain of islands. You can rest assured that following their advice is the best option.  The Freedom charter boats do not stick to the “Milk Run” - just surfing a few of the big name breaks in a small area.  Your Captain knows all the spots, and strives to make the critical decisions to pull up anchor for a change of venue, day or night.

To keep the job and experience fresh for the Captains, Freedom Charters often rotate skippers between the three boats allowing each Captain to have a couple of breaks over the course of a long season.  For this reason we tend not to “guarantee” a specific Captain to any individual sailing.

Freedom III!!! Forgetaboutit. This is the dream boat for chasing the dream waves of the Mentawai Islands. Freedom III is a 72’, eat-your-heart-out high-speed motor catamaran. Fast, sleek, powerful, spacious and luxurious, Freedom III can accommodate up to 10 surfers in four A/C cabins covering the full length of the Mentawai, Telos, Hinakos, Banyaks and N. Sumatra. Any fancier than this and you’d have a helicopter on the roof. (see accommodations for more details).

The ever popular Captain Lee Dowse is generally your skipper and surf guide aboard Freedom 3. Captain Lee brings with him over seven years of experience taking people of all levels of surfing to the Mentawai Islands and North Sumatra. Other than being an expert surfer and nice guy, Captain Lee speaks fluent Indonesian and is intimately in tune with local wind and swell conditions, guaranteeing you the best possible surf experience every time.