Bohemian Baru Yacht Charter :: OVERVIEW

Bohemian Baru is a fresh, 2011-built, 62-foot aluminum catamaran powered by two Daewoo 220 HP engines for a high end speed of 14 knots – cruising speed of 10 knots. The catamaran design provides substantially more space both above and below deck compared to a mono-hull of the same length. For 2012, the Bohemian Baru will be home-ported in Padang taking groups of 8-12 passengers into the Mentawai islands – or up into the northern islands for an additional fuel surcharge.

With a crew of four (Captain, Cook, 2 deckies) the second-most important person on board is the Thai chef Ann who has many years of experience knowing what surfers like before, after and between sessions. Meals have a mix of Western and Asian flair. Tuna, mackerel and mahi mahi are common ingredients with the accent on everything fresh from morning to night.

Moose Matthew is the Captain of the Bohemian Baru who has years of experience in the Mentawai Islands and the islands north of the Mentawais’ such as Telos, Nias, Hinakos, and Banyaks. The Bohemian Baru is built with all the best navigational and surf-finding device.