Bohemian Baru Yacht Charter :: THE SURF

Bohemian Baru is home-ported in Padang, but this is an operation that is fully prepared to bolt across the channel and begin sniffing around the Mentawai, looking for the best of the best. The people at Bohemian charters are intimately familiar with the islands of northern Sumatra – Telo, Nias, Hinako, Pulau Banyak and Simeuleu – and they will steer the Bohemian Baru that way if guests are keen.

From up north to down south the following is a list of better known spots from which to choose (leaving out some semi-secret and un-named spots):

  • Treasure Island

    Treasure Island is the crown jewel of the Banyaks, a very long right-hander provides a smooth take off ramp leading into a long wall and hollow inside section. Be careful of "The Claw" at the end that can pinch and not let you out.

  • Two Palms

    Two Palms around the corner is a super fun skate ramp style left hander breaking into a beautiful white sand beach.

  • Bay Of Plenty

    Bay Of Plenty has two lefts and a right breaking off the top of a narrow but deep bay. The waves on the outside of the bay (especially the left) can be world class with a tube followed by a long wall. The protected left inside the bay is super fun and non threatening for those who may want a break from the more intense surf in the area.

  • Asu

    Asu can be a perfect but heavy left that ends with a "nuclear zone"

  • Bawa

    A right reef that breaks way out to sea, with nothing between the reef and the Southern Ocean. A Sunset-like wave over eight feet.

  • Lagundri Bay

    Lagundri Bay is the perfect, barreling right-hander the world knew as "Nias" in the 80s. This is the wave that inspired more exploration into these islands, but it’s still a crazy-perfect wave after all these years, ruler edge and wrapping into the bay.

  • Rockstars

    On the island of Nias, in the neighborhood of Lagundri Bay – just another barreling, world-class right.

  • Nias (Lagundri Bay)

    During the 80s, the spot that the world knew as Nias was actually the right at Lagundri Bay. This is the wave that inspired more exploration into these islands, but it’s still a crazy-perfect wave after all these years, ruler edge and wrapping into the bay.

  • Telo Islands

    There are a number of spots around the island, including the long, bowling Max’s Left, the fun, bowling Max’s Right, a hollow right at GT’s, the longboard-perfect right at Pinnacles as well as Schoolyards, Le Ba, the Bubble and the E.R.

  • Ebay

    A perfect barreling left that needs a bit more swell. Very scenic.

  • Kandui

    A very fast, challenging, barreling lefthander that breaks from 3 – 12 feet, but is Triple Black Diamond over six feet.

  • Nokandui

    A long, hollow freight-train left hander, that needs size and perfect conditions to be makeable.

  • 4 Bobs

    Short right well protected from most winds, shallow reef.

  • Bank Vaults

    Right hander that can be a little shifty, but serves up backdoor barrels. Very heavy board snapping power with size.

  • Nipussi

    A very consistent short fun easy right.

  • Scarecrows

    Just another world-class lefthander that will satisfy your wildest dreams – and occasionally match your worst nightmares.

  • Telescopes

    A long, beautiful lefthand reef pass that is out to sea and exposed, so prone to the wind. A spectacular wave.

  • Lance’s Left

    Quality fun long left, very consistent, best with southeast wind. Can be a series of lefts if you want to push further up the reef.

  • Lance’s Right (HT’s)

    One of the best right hand barrels in the Mentawai with a couple take off zones. Best with no wind or Northwest wind. Be careful of the "Surgeons Table" and inside area of shallow sharp reef.

  • Macaronis

    Voted the best wave in the world by Tracks Magazine and "funnest wave" by Waves Magazine, this left hander is the star of countless surf videos. A hollow but manageable take off followed by a long wall that is often workable, or hollow. Makes the average surfer feel like a super star!

  • Rifles

    One of the best rights in Indonesia, a long hollow wall with multiple tube sections. To make the length of the wave you must commit to riding the tube, likes the south swell and light northwest winds.

  • Thunders

    A swell magnet and "go to" spot when the swell is small. This can be a fun long walled left with multiple tube sections, but when big provides a "Sunset" like drop that sometimes gets a bit fat and shoulders off down the line.

  • Rags Left

    A long barreling wave that turns on during large southwest swells and has been surfed up to 15 feet.

  • Rags Right

    This wave has been described as "a formidable opponent to your health, safety, and well-being." Low tide is out of the question, but on a high tide and the proper swell, this is one of the thickest, hollowest tubes in the Mentawais.

  • The Hole

    A fast hollow left with quick take off and hollow end section. Ends in very shallow water, better for advanced surfers.

Get the picture? If there is a landmass poking up above the surface of the ocean in this part of the world, it probably has a coral reef protecting it and a perfect wave wrapping around one end or the other.