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Bintang Mentawai Yacht Charter

Bintang is a refreshing name for a Mentawai surf cruising schooner. Of course the word Bintang means “Star” in Bahasa Indonesian, but to experienced Indo surfers, the word Bintang also resonates of cold containers wiped across hot skin, then cracking the top and rinsing away the salt and heat with a glug of the fermented nectar that is beloved from Banda Aceh to Timor.

But this Bintang schooner is not a 12-ounce can of beer, but something even more beautiful: a 115’ foot, twin mast sailing yacht with all the modern conveniences that slices through the straits and narrows of the Mentawai Islands, the bow always pointed toward the reefs where the surf is firing.

Below decks there are four guest cabins, three bathrooms, a laundry, wine cellar and spacious salon which connects to the most popular space: the galley. The Robinsons know that surfers travel on their stomachs and they have a genius in the galley who goes by the name of Adek. Their Indo chef has been getting better at his job every year for 9 years. Adek is master of the galley domain, but at times he will turn over control to western chefs - and learns new skills and recipes. From breakfast jaffles to fresh-cooked Spanish mackerel, the three squares on board the Bintang are designed to fuel up and replenish surfers who have been going hard in the most mind-bogglingly perfect surf on earth.

Bintang is owned and operated by Australian Daryl Robinson and his two sons Ashton and Carrick. The Robinsons crew, so it’s a family affair. Daryl and Ashton have "Master 4" Marine Qualifications, which allows them to legally operate the Bintang – the largest western vessel in the Mentawai surf exploration fleet (the 30-foot skiff “Star” is almost as large as some Mentawai yachts, but much faster).  The Australian family Robinson are all surfers and all are fully trained, equipped and keen to take as many as 12 surfers on 11 day surf trips into the famous and anonymous corners of the Mentawai.

One of the tasks assigned to the crew of Bintang is to photograph every surf session with 10d, 20d and 50d cameras using a 300mm lens’.  Passengers have the opportunity at the end of each charter to purchase a CD containing hundreds of photos from the trip, and are generally super stoked to do so

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride – you’re in good hands!