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Bintang Mentawai Yacht Charter

What to do when you're not Surfing

Aboard Bintang, when guests aren’t asleep and dreaming of the dream waves they’ll be cracking the next day, they are up looking at the waves, talking about waves, surfing some of the world’s finest, most challenging waves, then watching DVD of the waves they surfed.

But you can’t surf all day, every day – nature and human physical limitations won’t allow it - so the other activities onboard Bintang include epic poker games in the salon or topside, reading and relaxing, watching movies, listening to many years of sea and surf stories from the Captain and crew, looking at weather and island maps, editing photos and video and just plain napping.

The captain and crew of Bintang encourage guests to visit beaches and villages close to the surf breaks: "Guys always come back with grins on their faces due to the antics of the kids," Daryl Robinson says. "They always come back stoked from the village visits."

Snorkeling and diving on the reefs is also popular, and the crew have spear guns for divers who want to swim for their dinner.

The #1 activity next to surfing is fishing. The 30-foot skiff Star is also the perfect platform for getting after schools of Spanish mackerel, but also travelli, mahi mahi, wahoo, sailfish or blue marlin.