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Bintang Mentawai Yacht Charter

The Boat

Bintang is a sturdy-sleek stay sail schooner built by Classic Yachts in Perth in 1988. Bintang is 115 feet overall, with a beam of 28 feet. Under 165 HP of diesel power she cruises at 10 knots powered by an 8LXB Gardner diesel.

Bintang’s speed increases to 15 knots when all the sheets are up and tight: “Bintang is an ocean going sail boat and when the rough weather comes we start going fast,” Daryl Robinson claims. “Many times the so called ‘fast boats’ have had to back off due to sea state. That's when Bintang takes off up to 15 knots. After that speed we start to decrease sail for safety. Very often we see guys on the power boats taking photos of us under full sail and we get comments like, ‘Give us a card we're coming with you next year.’ That’s great to hear. And a lot of times it’s because they’re rotten sick while our guys are having beers on deck savoring the trips high lights - ‘ till the spray gets them back inside.”

Bintang has multiple diesel-powered generators electrifying a full array of the best communication and navigation electronics: SSB and VHF radio, autopilot, radar, GPS echo sounder and position beacon. That quality extends to the comfort and entertainment of guests as Bintang has a 500 square foot salon equipped with state of the art entertainment center with TV, VCR and digital machines for replaying the surfing recorded that day, and a DVD/CD surround sound system for catching up on all the latest movies and music; music you bought at greatly reduced prices off the street in Kuta or Jakarta or Padang.

Should anything go wrong, Bintang has AMSA / USCG fire-fighting equipment, a life raft and life jackets for 18 people, and an EPIRB position beacon so the rescuers will know where you are, even if you don’t. All guests are required to have Medivac insurance.

Fully-loaded, Bintang sails with as many as six crew and 12 guests. The crew cabin is in the bow, and there are four guest cabins, each equipped with one double and two single beds. There are three heads - which guests will soon learn is the salty term for “bathrooms.”  Exclusive charter bookings are generally capped at 10 passengers or less, with charters accepting individuals taking as many as 12, but guaranteeing a departure with as few as 7.

Meals are usually taken on deck, which accommodates 14 people comfortably.

Details, Equipment and Specifications

  • Registration: Australia.
  • Owner and Skipper: Daryl Robinson.
  • Built by Classic Yatchts, Perth Western Australia - 1988.
  • Gardiner 8XLB165 BHP 165 hp engine - for the 2011 season, Bintang will have a new 8-cylinder engine, gear box and 2 rebuilt gensets.
  • Length: 115ft - 35m overall, 110 ft - 33m deck line, 100 ft -30m waterline.
  • Beam: 28 feet - 9m.
  • Steel hull construction.
  • Cruising speed - 10 knots, 15 knots under full sail.
  • Diesel cap. 10,000 lt. - Water cap 6,000 lt.
  • Generators: 110 -240v Power; 1 Yanmar 3 ph. 20kw, 1 Dunlite 3 ph. 20kw, 1 Dunlite 1 ph. 5kw.

Electronics and Instrumentation:

  • SSB Radio: JRC.
  • Autopilot: Coursemaster 1000.
  • VHF Radio: Uniden.
  • Radar: JRC - Range 30 miles.
  • Fixed GPS: JRC.
  • Echo Sounder: JRC 500 Meter Range.
  • Position Beacon: EPIRB.
  • Lifejackets for 18 persons.
  • Life Raft for 18 persons.
  • Fire fighting equipment and extinguishers - procedures compliant with AMSA / USCG Standards.
  • The Master / Owner and Ashton have "Master 4" Marine Qualifications as issued by AMSA to legally operate vessels the size of Bintang.
  • Satellite phone is available at cost. Approx USD $5 per minute.