Maldives Outer Atoll Charters :: SURFING THE MALDIVES Images

Maldives Outer Atoll Charters :: SURFING THE MALDIVES

The reefbreaks of the Southern Atolls are closer to the swell source and are generally more powerful, hollower, shallower and more challenging than the hot dog heaven you will find up north. Same crystal-clear turquoise warm water, just more oomph and way less people.

It seems quite a few of the breaks carry multiple names, but some of the better known waves have names like Beacons (right), Castaways (right), Five Islands (right), Love Charms (left), Tigers/Tiger Stripes (left), Bluebowls (right) and Two Ways (left & right). These are only some of the waves that ring the islets from the Southwest to the Southeast face of the atoll; and are somewhere in quality and power between the reef breaks of the Male Atolls and the waves of Indonesia.

Because these Outer Atoll trips are all boat based; we only operate trips during the premier periods of late February to early May and again late August through October when both weather and swell conditions come together for the best chance to score.  Although the surf can be big, and good during June and July it is possible the Southwest monsoon could keep you cooped up in the boat for days on end.