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The Southern/Outer Atolls of the Maldives, have you heard of all the spots down there? Neither has the rest of the world, because the government of the Maldives is very careful about how they regulate surf tourism outside of the North and South Male Atolls. Special permits are required to visit these atolls and islets directly above the equator, and only a few surf charter companies have gone through the red tape and taken the chance to motor as much as 400 miles south of Male – to see what is there.

Outer Atoll adventures specializes in the Southern Atoll of the Huvadhu/Gaafu Dhaalu, the land of a hundred islands, and a dozen surf spots and growing.

The surf explorer for 2011 will be the beautiful Horizon 2, 75 feet of fully air-conditioned, 300 horsepower, 10 knot, seven guest cabins surf cruising machine. The Horizon 2 spends half the year doing SCUBA charters, so it is equipped with a western dinghy and a traditional Dhoni for more latitude in surf exploring.

For these trips, guests fly into Male and then take a local flight to Kandadu – an islet on the west side of the atoll. Like Kuta and Honolulu and a lot of other tropical surf locations, there is a surf spot near the airport, called Airports. If the swell is big out of the south or southwest and the wind is northeast, your long flight will be rewarded with instant surf.  From there you will cruise the south and south east side of this large atoll sampling the variety of right and left reef passes that bless each of the channels allowing the ocean to flow in and out of the atoll with the changing tide.

The Southern Atolls are one of the last frontiers of surf travel – the Mentawai before the free for all – and because of the wise regulation of the government – and the sheer tyranny of distance – they are likely to stay that way.