Inner Atoll Charters, The Maldives

The Surf

Sailing out of Male you can go left, or go right, to a lot of surf locations that give you the same option. North Male Atoll generally get more and bigger swell and this is where the more famous spots are: Chickens is a left reef on the far southern tip of the Kaafu Atoll. Chickens is considered a slower wave by Maldivian standards and is perfect for intermediate surfers and longboarders. Gets serious over six feet though. Cokes/Colas is a right-hander that breaks in front of an island that is home to the Coca Cola bottling plant. Cokes/Colas is considered one of the best waves in the Maldives, a serious barrel at four to six feet and a serious wave at anything bigger.  The left is called Honky's, a fast, wedging takeoff with a wrap-around end bowl section that must be seen to be believed. The right is known as Sultans, and between the outside peak and the inside wall lies about 100 yards of pure speed surfing.

Those are just a few of the dozen spots in North Male Atoll and there are just as many in South Male Atoll: Lucky Joes, Guru Lefts, Kates, Foxys, and Riptides to name a few. All coral reefs, right or lefts, whatever you want, or whatever the wind is doing.

As North Male atoll picks up more swell, the decision to venture down to South Male Atoll is often based strictly on swell size.  There are generally fewer surfers around South Male Atoll, so on a good swell it can be a wise decision to sacrifice a couple feet of swell for an empty line-up.