Inner Atoll Charters, The Maldives

Other Activities

If you love the ocean you will not be bored in the Maldives. Mostly you will be in awe of just how cool this place is: a living water world of small islets connected by thousands of boats. Sunny Muslims living a contented life, a few feet above sea level, in one of the most nature-blessed places on earth.

The ocean is teeming with life from flying fish skimming the surface, to wahoo prowling just beneath to lobster and Technicolor coral on the reef. It feels good to see a place where nature is thriving.

Cruising among the islands and various resorts you will have plenty of opportunity to get off the boat and stretch your legs along the beach.  Should you wish, you may like to visit one of these resorts for a special meal or spa treatment.

You will enjoy diving, fishing and setting your clock by the rising and setting of the sun. At night you can watch the sun set and check out the Southern Cross and a whole new constellation of stars.

Then karaoke Sunglasses at Night and get thrown overboard.