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The Maldives

Inner Atoll Charters

The Maldives do not allow tourists to arrive at the airport unescorted. All visitors to the Maldives must be signed on with a resort or a charter, and if you show up at the airport in Male with a smile and a quiver and say, “Where’s the surf?” they will turn you around and make you fly back home 30 hours to the Land of the Clueless.

There are only two ways to surf the reefs north and south of Male: Stay at a resort, or charter a surf explorer. The surf charter option has its advantages;  it gives you access to more than two dozen surf spots on either side of the capital of Male, and allows you the flexibility to move based on the wind, swell and crowd.  In addition, if you have a group this can also be the most cost affective way to experience this playground of reef passes.

Inner Atoll adventures are custom charters based on the size and budget of your group. Groups typically range from 4-10 and arrange charters between 7 and 10 nights in duration.  Let us match your group with the best charter boat available.  No matter what boat you choose, we will have an experienced Atoll Adventures Surf Guide on board to be certain you have all the information on where may be best on any combination of wind and swell.

Guests arrive at the airport in Male and go aboard immediately. Consultation with the skipper and surf guide throws all the variables into a hat – season, wind, swell and the abilities and tastes of the guests – and the surf explorers motor out of Male and turn left for the reefs of North Male or right for South Male. These tours are minimum 7 days long, which is enough time to cover the more than 100 miles of ocean between Chickens in the north and Riptides in the south.