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Lombok / Sumbawa Surf

Where to begin? The Indonesian archipelago is loaded with perfect surf from one end to the other – from the northern top of Simulue Island all the way around to Timor. Some of the places in eastern Indonesia are renowned: Desert Point, Super Suck. But for every right reef or left reef or perfect peak you’ve heard of, there’s another that is going off, every day: unnamed and unknown, alone and firing.

If you want beachbreaks, try France or Mexico. The surf spots of Indonesia are almost entirely reef breaks, some going left only, some going right only, some breaking in peaks that favor the left or the right. Some of these reef breaks break like points, close to land, others break far out to sea.

Some of the waves in Eastern Indonesia are short and sweet and semi-user friendly. Others, like Desert Point, are intense, winding, 300 yard long walls that lock you into the barrel and keep you there – praying that winding hole will open at the end and spit you into the channel

The surf of Indonesia is generally not beginner-friendly as it breaks over coral reef.  On the smaller days at high tide, beginners might have fun if they are comfortable in the water and of good physical condition, but in general, Indonesia is for intermediate to experienced surfers.