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Lombok / Sumbawa

Step on a yacht leaving Bali and you have two choices for which way to go for surf - northwest or southeast – and two choices for how to get there: overland, or by sea.  If you make the correct and best choice and go southeast aboard a 7 night yacht charter the island stops within range are Nusa Lembongan, Lombok and Sumbawa.

The eastern islands of Indonesia are loaded with surf, from a couple of spots on Nusa Lembongan that are a short run from Bali, to the nether regions of the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa – jungle islands down to the water’s edge, with thin lines of coral between the beach and the deep blue sea. Those coral reefs are where the attraction lies.

It is possible to find most of the surf spots using the overland route: taking buses, hiring taxis, hacking through the jungles. But the perils of this approach include bird flu, cerebral malaria, dengue fever, diarrhea, forest fires, hepatitis, staph infection, typhoid or just plain disappearing into the jungle and never being heard from again.

Boating is fun and a much better way to explore the reefs of Lombok & Sumbawa, while sailing past the trials and tribulations, illness and discomforts of overland travel. Sleeping on a boat, out at sea, keeps you cool and out of the mosquito zone. Boats have running water, electricity, TV and other luxuries that feel a little more luxurious out in the wild.
There are dozens and even hundreds of possible yacht charters available leaving from ports from one side of Indonesia to the other. Some of the charter companies are reputable, some are sketchy.

WaterWays Travel has been operating in Indonesia going back to 1994, and we have learned to distinguish the knowledgeable, reputable operators from those who might lose their engines in the middle of the Lombok Strait in the middle of the night and only then discover that they left the flare gun back in port, and the radios don’t work.

You don’t want that, and neither does your next of kin.