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Lombok / Sumbawa

Dreamweaver Yacht Charter

Dreamweaver is an 80-foot surf exploration vehicle that leaves Bali on regular, 7 night/8 day runs to the eastern islands: Nusa Lembongan, Lombok and Sumbawa. Dreamweaver was converted from the keel to the radio mast for surf exploration from a traditional Indonesian Jukung outrigger to a more modern mono-hull style surf charter yacht.  The single hull design allows more speed and stability in rough weather.

Dreamweaver can accommodate up to 14 guests (although 12 is the preferred maximum) and a lot of surfboards, dive and fishing equipment - everything stowed and stored and berthed in comfort and safety for trips from Bali to Nusa Lembongan, across the south face of Lombok and to the west coast of Sumbawa. It is about 100 air miles from Serangan Beach on Bali to Supersuck on Sumbawa, but the 250 HP diesel engine of Dreamweaver and modern navigational equipment converts down time to surf time; and the Captain and crew have decades of Indo experience assuring you will get to the surf safely and efficiently.

Dreamweaver operates year round, but peak season is April through September, and the low season is October to March. Eastern Indonesia is hotter and drier than the islands west of Bali. Air and water temperatures are generally around 80 degrees, but you’ll be kept cool by your preference of shade and sea breeze or proper air conditioning.

A trip aboard Dreamweaver is an inexpensive addition to any stay in Bali that will allow you to see and experience more of Indonesia’s most valuable resource – the surf.  Dreamweaver is run and operated by Australian Surfers to provide all the basic comforts of surf travel with safety as top priority, and food a close second. (see accommodations).

Surfers are encouraged to bring strong leashes and backups. Booties will make the inevitable reef dance easier, and many Indo surfers wear helmets. Rash guards, a hat and sun protection are a good idea, unless you are 100% Hawaiian.