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Ireland Surfing, Ireland Surf Charter- Waterways Travel

If Ireland didn’t exist, the west coast of England and Wales would be happening. But alas, Ireland is a catcher’s mitt for the all that raw swell produced by giant low pressure systems moving across the North Atlantic September through May. Anyone who has been farther south in France or Spain knows that most of Europe lives for “low pressures off of Ireland.” Well imagine how Ireland takes in all that swell as it arrives raw and powerful from out of the west by northwest.

The west coast seems to have been designed by a Creator who had surfers in mind: reefs, followed by points followed by miles of beach break followed by more reefs and points, then rivermouths and a jetty or pier break here and there. From Malin Head in the north to Mizen Head in the southwest the west coast of Ireland is only 300 miles as the crows fly. But the actual mileage of the west coast is many times that, as the Irish coast is an Etch a Sketch labyrinth of fjords, coves, bays, points, headlands, islands, islets, estuaries, tributaries, rivers, and creeks. The Irish coast changes every few miles and every hundred yards, so no matter which way the wind is blowing, or what the tide is doing or the direction the swell is coming from, some part of the Irish coast will be making sense of it.

Some people have called Ireland a “cold water Indonesia”, and that’s not far wrong.  Although the water is generally cold and a wetsuit is necessary, there is surf here for every level of surfer from complete beginner to expert. However, this jagged twisting coastline does not reveal its secrets easily.  The trick it to know which bay, reef or protected cove will be taking all that swell and current wind conditions to produce that perfect eight foot peeling wave; -  and that’s where our local guides come in!