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The Surf

When someone in Ireland asks if you want to have a “Good crack,” don’t get weirded out and flag down a constable. They just want to know if you want to have fun. “Crack” is actually “craic,” an Irish word – borrowed from the English – which means “fun” but also “news and gossip.”
The news is, there are lots of ways to have fun in Ireland, by land and sea, from the Emerald barrels of some isolated reefbreak swirling over your head, to a smoky packed pub where the Guinness is bubbling and so is the band.
Ireland is a great trip: a must for any surfer with a drop of Irish blood, but also a must for anyone who wants to explore a foreign land and meet the people that have given Ireland that unequalled reputation for warm and welcoming hospitality.
The west coast of Ireland is beautiful; big, green, and clean. Rolling hills and pastures lead down to the ocean, small fishing villages, little towns and everywhere history.

The Ireland surf experience is finding that certain break off a harbor wall or river mouth in a small town – hiding from the wind and swell that is raging out at sea. Ireland is surfing hard in powerful surf and often cold water, then maybe indulging in a warm seaweed bath before heading to the pub for dinner and endless Guinness while listening to the local music.  The Irish are arguably the most musical people in the world, and when you visit you will understand how all that music crossed the Atlantic and inspired everything from folk to country to rock and roll.

Once you visit Ireland and figure out the coastline, seasons, weather, winds, swell and tides you will understand why some people call Ireland the “cold water Indonesia.” There is a lot of surf here, some of it discovered and populated, and some not.  To surf Ireland and explore coves down country roads on the edge of farmland in the 21st Century is to get a taste of what California was like in the 1950s.