Turltle Bay OVERVIEW

The North Shore of Oahu is known in and out of the surfing world as the “mecca” of surfing. Some people call the North Shore the “Seven Mile Miracle” because within that short space are more than a dozen of the most famous, challenging surf spots in the world.

Surfers have been flocking to the North Shore going back to the 1940s, and through the 50s and 60s, most of the visitors to the North Shore were surfers determined to challenge themselves in the higher, faster, stronger surf of Haleiwa, Pipeline, Sunset Beach.

In 1972, Del Webb built and opened the Del Webb Kuilima Resort on the north end of the North Shore. The location was a lava point jutting out into the ocean with a good surf spot on the west side, and a protected cove and beach on the east side. A perfect location.

In the past 40 years that resort has evolved into a major five star destination, which attracts everyone from golfers to surfers to a lot of movie shoots (the original Hawaii Five O, Blue Crush, The Big Bounce, Forgetting Sarah Marshall to name a few).

Turtle Bay Resort is now considered as world class as the surf of the North Shore, and it’s a beautiful, comfortable, luxurious place to stay for anyone wanting to experience all the North Shore has to offer – from golfing in warm trade winds to surfing Pipeline, SUP with the turtles, to getting a gut rush in a glider out at Dillingham Field.