Waidroka Bay Surf Resort, Fiji

The Surf

The Waidroka Resort is clean and comfortable and first-rate in every way, but all those amenities are designed around the main attraction: the ocean, and the reefs and all that is going on above and below. Waidroka water taxis provide a 10 minute transfer from the resort to a variety of waves breaking on the barrier reefs. Resort Lefts is a fun lefthander, good for longboards and shortboards, which works on all tides. Pipe, aptly named for its hollowness, gives experienced surfers plenty of opportunities to ride the barrel. Serua Right is a long righthander with an easy takeoff and hollow inside section. On big days Serua is one of the longest waves in Fiji.

Guests at Waidroka also have the opportunity to access Frigates Pass. Frigates is a left hander in the same class as Cloudbreak. Breaking top-to-bottom on all tides, one wave here has most people booking their next trip to Fiji while they are still being showered with offshore spray. The trip to Frigates is approximately 30 minutes by boat. Boats are available for surf transfers all day and remain with you while you surf. Between surf sessions you can relax in the boat and enjoy lunch, snacks, and drinks while watching the surf action. Or you can go dive the reef, swim up to the edge and look over, into the black, if you dare. This is what surfing in Fiji is all about!