Waidroka Bay Surf Resort, Fiji


The Waidroka Bay Resort is designed for watermen, waterwomen, waterteens, waterkids, waterdogs and waterfamilies who want to get deeply involved with all the natural wonders on either side of those barrier reefs. The resort offers three levels of accommodation: Five Panoramic Ocean View Rooms situated on a hilltop overlooking the resort are the least expensive and most likely the Surfer’s Choice, as they take in the fresh seabreezes and allow a constant surf check out to the fringing reefs. The five Deluxe Ocean Front Bures are nestled in the jungle and can accommodate up to four people. The Super Deluxe Ocean Front Fijian Bure have two rooms and can accommodate up to five people.

All of the bures have air conditioning, private bathrooms and showers, hammocks and terraces. The resort has a first-rate bar and restaurant and a freshwater swimming pool. It might seem silly to have a swimming pool with water water everywhere, but when you come back from a surf trip drenched in salt and sun, that pool is just the thing to rinse off before cool drinks and dinner.