Waidroka Bay Surf Resort

The coves and beaches of the Coral Coast are home to a wide variety of resorts, from five star to budget. It’s astounding what some people will pay per week to get a taste of Fiji life in the lap o’ luxury. Surfers don’t need to be pampered like that, and the Waidroka Bay Surf and Dive Resort offers comfortable amenities for surfers and divers who don’t want to spend six months’ mortgage for a two-week vacation.

From the Coral Coast of Viti Levu, the island of Beqa is always visible, out to sea and on the horizon, calling to people like Bali Hai. Mbenga Island – aka Bega or Beqa Island - is protected from the open ocean by a long, pristine barrier reef. The Mbenga Lagoon is world famous as a dive location, but around the edges and along the fringes of Mbenga/Bega/Beqa lagoon, the barrier reefs are breaking up that wave energy in ways that surfers like best.