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Tavarua :: Kitesurfing


Kite surfing is a water sport that many watermen and women have become addicted to – and a lot more want to try, but don’t understand the equipment or can’t find the time. Tavarua is also becoming a haven for kitesurfers at Green Square or Triple Black Diamond levels of ability.

Beginners can take to the light airs and calm waters of Kiddie Land and the inner reefs to begin to understand the equipment and techniques. The advantage to Tavarua is there are no highways or power lines to get blown into – the inner reefs are clear of obstacles and have enough space to let a beginner find their wings.

While more experienced kite surfers love the southeast trades which blow sideshore into the waves at Restaurants, Cloudbreak and Namotu Lefts – and they go there to put their skills to a serious test.


Tom Servais is a veteran surf photographer who has spent a lot of time on Tavarua – shooting photo projects for Surfer Magazine or as a guest of the island. Servais shoots, but he also scores on Tavarua as he is equally happy surfing or sailboarding:

“Cloudbreak is good for kiting and sailboarding during medium/strong trades. Depending on the trades, it can sometimes howl for over a week straight or more.   When the wind is good, it’s world class and guys like Robby Naish froth for those days.  You need to watch wind forecasts, although it’s always hard to know for sure, just like all weather reporting, especially in tropical areas.

“Namotu Lefts is good for kiting and sailboarding, and any of the six spots could have their day, especially if the winds go strong north.  This whole area has always attracted sailboarders and kiters, mostly because when there are trades, the surf spots are great for kiting/windsurfing.

The winds aren’t always perfect for surfing on either Namotu or Tavarua reefs, but when the surfers are coming in for lunch and a nap, the sailboarders are gearing up for some of the best wave-riding conditions in the world.

Tavarua is also a good place to begin sailboarding or pick up intermediate skills. The better you get, the farther out of the lee of the island and onto the reefs you go.