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The tropical waters of Fiji are internationally-famous for world-class sport fishing and the channels around Tavarua are bursting with some of the world’s best-fighting – and best-eating – tropical game fish.  What you catch, you can keep. Once you have had mahi mahi, wahoo, or yellow fin tuna that is only hours old you might never look at your local sushi bar the same.

For those who haven’t spent all of their energy in the ocean, Tavarua Island has a championship tennis court and a beachside volleyball court.  Serious players may want to bring their own equipment, but rackets and balls are available for your use on the island.   Many happy hours are spent with guests challenging the Fijian staff to a fierce competition on the volleyball court. 

Tavarua Island has a mini skate ramp that will please skateboarders on the island.  Designed by Tony Hawk himself, the Tavarua ramp has two drop in heights for both novice and experienced skaters.  It’s a blast anytime and is a great warm up when gearing up for the surf.   Safety equipment and boards are available for your use.


Anyone who saw the movie Avatar – and who has snorkeled or SCUBA-dove the reefs of Fiji – saw parallels between those two worlds. But where Pandora was CGI fiction, the reefs around Tavarua are exotic, colorful and full of a thousand unusual life forms – from those coral polyps that retract in the blink of an eye, to big game fish cruising the edge of the reef.

The diving around Tavarua is spectacular and what goes on under the surface is as addicting as what goes on above.

The Tavarua Glow. It’s a look people wear when they return from the island: Tanned, healthy, stretched, exercised, fit, content and relaxed. Tavarua provides massage and spa services for those who want to work the kinks out of their work muscles, or those who need to resupply the energy to their leg, shoulder and back muscles after hours of surfing, diving, kitesurfing and etc.
There is also a fitness bure with basic equipment and yoga mats for those who like to stay in shape both in the water and on land.

Tavarua is world class for surfing, sailboarding, kitesurfing, diving, fishing. But you can’t spend 12 hours a day in the water – the sun and wind and swell and tides don’t allow that. So at some point, you have to put your feet up and relax. Whether it’s crashing out mid-day on the bed or the verandah of your bure, playing ping pong or pool in the games bure, sipping cold drinks at the bar, or sitting by the pool, reading books, Tavarua is perfect.

Take a break from life, come to Tavarua Island and let the sun and ocean clean your cares away.