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Tavarua :: OVERVIEW

“…nirvana… just a beautiful situation.”

                                      -Kelly Slater on Tavarua.

The Mother of all world-class surf resorts, Tavarua should be experienced at least once by anyone who loves the ocean. Located in the Maamanuca Island chain, about 15 miles southwest of Nadi, Tavarua is a heart shaped island.  - approximately 24 acres of paradise surrounded by water water everywhere – offering world class comfort, and perfect conditions for surfing, sailboarding, kite-surfing, SUP, diving, fishing, or just getting a tan and checking books off your list.

Tavarua Island faces south by southwest into the South Pacific and is perfectly positioned to take in all that swell resonating up from the Southern Ocean. Those swells begin as chaotic masses of energy generated by freezing storms of unimaginable force, but after traveling more than 2000 miles from below New Zealand, that energy arrives at Tavarua groomed and orderly, ready to unload with precision along the dozen reefs that are within range of the island.

Like the swells that wrap around the island, many of the guests arriving at Tavarua are also masses of energy, traveling thousands of miles from freezing places.  Some look for relief from the pressures of work and worry, others for the surf of their dreams.  All look to the sun and ocean for an infusion of nature’s force and enlightenment.

Tavarua comfortably holds 36 guests (and sometimes more, with kids) in 16 private bures.  They are beautifully made in a traditional island style that is still thoroughly modern in comfort.   The bures are there to rest, relax, and rejuvenate, for the next surf, kite, sailboard, dive, snorkel or SUP session, out in the deep blue sea.

The food at Tavarua is legendary and tailored to meet the appetites of hungry guests who are playing hard in the ocean and the sun.  The buffet is loaded with fresh, healthy foods in generous portions providing energy to restore and reload.

Tavarua began as a surf camp offering other amenities to those who love the ocean: diving, snorkeling, sailboarding, kite surfing. But in this modern world, Tavarua has become a family friendly resort and is finding more and more guests who come as much for those amenities as for the surf.

The surfing is world class, but Tavarua also offers ideal conditions for flat-water and wave riding with kites and sailboards.  Land based activities also abound with a tennis court, fitness center, games bure, and beach volleyball court. 

Standup paddlers spend all day exploring the inner reefs because cruising upright over those crystal-clear waters is like seeing a massive aquarium from above. The more adventurous SUPpers ride their first waves at Kiddie Land and then move out to the reefs. And SUP-snorkeling has also become popular – doing recon from above water, then diving deep to get a closer look.

The reefs around Tavarua are endlessly fascinating from above and below. If you saw the movie Avatar, many suspect the artists who created that world must have come to Tavarua because the reef experience here is as exotic as the planet Pandora – coral polyps that retract when you touch them. Small non-stinging jellyfish float around you. Exotic creatures great and small, swimming up to you or swimming away.

Tavarua is a small planet of good health and spirits, in a world of work and worry.