Namotu SUP, Namotu Left Surfing Images

Namotu Island Fiji :: SUP

Whether you’re an inner reef cruiser or on the reef barrel-rider, Namotu is also emerging as SUP heaven to the ever-growing number of standup paddlers and standup paddle surfers in the world.

Namotu Left and Swimming Pools up to four feet are custom made for SUP:

“Namotu lefts just seem to go on forever,” Dave Kalama wrote on his blog. “and are perfect for stand up especially when the current starts to move in or out. Swimming Pools… is perfect for stand up.”

It’s easy to launch from the sandy spit at Namotu and spend all day, in safety, cruising the edge of the reef and diving to cool off or check something out.

For those who are into downwind paddling, Namotu pongas will follow guests down to Malolo or Castaway Islands where you can have a cold beverage - and then the pongas will bring you home!

Namotu has a quiver of eight entry-level boards in the 11-foot range, for those wanting to give SUP a try. But more experienced SUPpers are encouraged to bring their own high-performance boards.