Namotu Island Fiji :: KITE SURFING


Namotu Island was founded in 1994 by three guys who were equal parts surfers and sailboarders who used the wind and waves of Namotu to evolve kite surfing and standup paddle boarding into the 21st Century.

Namotu is as renowned in the world of sailboarding as it is in the surf world. In 1997, the world’s best sailboarders came to Namotu to compete in the O’Neill Fiji Wave Classic. And the accent was on the word “classic” as the performance level in triple-overhead surf was off the Richter.

When conditions go bad for surfing, they usually are a green light for sailboarders, who go for speed runs inside of the reef and out in the channels, or put their wave-riding skills to the test in some of the most challenging conditions in the world.

Namotu is also a perfect place to develop sailboarding skills, as beginners can stay within the reef and the lee of the island to control how much wind exposure they can handle.

Namotu does have some original Windsurfers for those real light days and a small selection of wave-oriented boards and sails. Call or e mail our office to see if we have the right gear for you.


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Where there’s frigate birds, there’s tuna. And where there’s sailboarders, there are kite surfers.

The same conditions that have made Namotu sailboard Valhalla going back to the 1990s have made it kite surf Paradise in the 21st Century, as more and more water people strap themselves in and fly with kites.

When you come to Namotu you have to ask yourself a question: “How much fun do you want to have?” because whether you are a Green Square beginner or a Triple Black Diamond expert, Namotu has conditions that will compliment your skills.

Kite surfing is a sport that a lot of surfers have admired from shore on Victory at Sea days, but Namotu is the perfect place to give it a go: The days are long, the water is warm and there are no power poles or highways to get in the way. Beginners can stay within the reef and on the side of the island with light winds, and learn the equipment and techniques in anticipation of going up, up and away!

Namotu does not have kites for guests or do lessons. The management suggests that guests who are interested in learning to kite get basic lessons before coming to Namotu . Find the equipment you like and bring it down – Namotu’s dedicated boatmen will follow you around in one of our boats to bring you back to the island.

Ben Wilson is an acclaimed leader of kiting in waves who comes to Namotu to do instructional weeks for the more advanced kiters. Call or email our office if you are interested in advanced instruction.