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Namotu Island Fiji :: FISHING

The channels and the reefs around Namotu are alive with fish, and for that, Namotu keeps a dedicated, twin-engine 29-foot fishing boat called The Duck. The boat leaves twice a day – weather permitting – to troll for wahoo (ono), walu (Spanish mackerel), mahi mahi (dorado) and yellowfin tuna.

The Duck will also troll for sailfish and marlin, but it’s all catch and release for those big-game fish from Namotu.

There is also “popping” which is lure-casting from pongas onto the reef. Pop a flat, blunt-nose jig across the water in the right way, and kaboom, you will have a giant trevally on the line. There are also coral trout and all the usual reef fish.

Namotu has a complete quiver of trolling rods and lures, but they recommend you bring your own casting/ popping equipment.